Writing Exercise: One-Word Response

Another Facebook quiz. Can you summarize your answers in one word that delivers any meaning to the person reading them? It’s actually not just a time-waster—it can get you thinking about more specific, more vivid words to use instead of the string of qualifiers we’d fall back on when we don’t have to take theContinue reading “Writing Exercise: One-Word Response”

Vacation Writing

I have a magnificent schedule. The combination of self-employment and shared custody mean a week of predictable variety: good solid blocks of interaction with all kinds of people from academics honing an argument to ten-year-old soccer players. I can be on any committee that meets on Wednesday nights and have regular Girls Night Out WithoutContinue reading “Vacation Writing”

The Fifty-Thousand-Word Challenge

A writing group in New Zealand set up a challenge like National Novel Writing Month in their hemisphere’s fall. The Southern Cross Novel Challenge, or SoCNoC, organized things a little more loosely than NaNoWriMo—you didn’t have to start from scratch, or work on a single project to add up to 50,000 words—but it was aContinue reading “The Fifty-Thousand-Word Challenge”