Posted by: annmariegamble | December 3, 2009

NaNoWriMo Thanks

I didn’t blog much about how it was going during November because I was trying to be diligent about working on the novel. If you want to get a feel for the zeitgeist, though, check out Doyce Testerman’s blog.

Having a gang of fellow travelers helped me stay in motion more than I realized it could, and the Internet made them available 24/7 when I needed another prod. I’m glad to have fallen in with the right crowd on Twitter who offer up conversation and enthusiasm 140 characters at a time, especially @karenquah (who also did some blogging about NaNo), @Scribblerati (who built a whole website where writers can hang out), @uppington (for having done it before and showing us what to do next), @WriteAdvantage (who talks about editing and reminds me I know something about this), @catepolacek, @TamaraNKitties, @KeriStevens, @CraigCottingham, @count_01, @merrileefaber, @jennspiller, @silverwriter, @vdemetros, @hdgrogan, @jessrosenbooks, @marybrebner, @boudreaufreret, @AlannaCoca, @jhtatroe, and @BCB_.

Oy vey, and Scott, who remains untempted by Twitter (but did you know half my Facebook peeps think you’re my brother—which means I get to read your novel, right?).

And thanks to my unflagging townie writing peeps, especially Phil, Deni, and Amy. I am reading for brainstorming any time, any place, as long as we can eat croissants there.


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