A Corpse, a Cop, and Canines

The story began at Alanna Coca’s blog. Chapter 4 Anthony growled a low warning and hoped the wolves would keep their distance. It would be scary enough for any human to have the pack circling. And this one was a nonbeliever—if anybody decided to shift before taking on the cat, Jessica’s night was about toContinue reading “A Corpse, a Cop, and Canines”

Fantasy Baseball: Jill Shalvis’s Double Play

My recreational reading this summer has taken a backseat to my new membership on Twitter. (I’ll pause here so you can lay in firewood or whatever your personal preparations for the apocalypse involve—the beauty of the interwebs is we’ll be here when you get back.) I decided to check it out because a writer friendContinue reading “Fantasy Baseball: Jill Shalvis’s Double Play

Fun with Character Names

You can get some heavy thinking on how to name the characters in your book. This kind of attention might be warranted for the main characters, but depending on the story there could be quite a cast list, and an author could let herself get bogged down trying to name everyone who needs one. FacebookContinue reading “Fun with Character Names”