A Week of Prompts: Thursday

A book! An honest-to-gosh book! The Pocket Muse, Monica Wood Photos, essays about the writing life and getting it done, quotes, random thoughts, and prompts. This kind of thing could be a sappy soup, but I’ve found it to be a great testament to noticing: what you have available to you is enough, so doContinue reading “A Week of Prompts: Thursday”

A Week of Prompts: Sunday

The From the Heart chapter of RWA has a writing group contrarily called the Procrastinators. Really what we do is pick a week or two every month to post goals and encourage each other to move forward, with quotes, cheerleading, and tips. I’m the host this month, and I thought I’d cross-post the tips. Today’sContinue reading “A Week of Prompts: Sunday”

Writing Exercise: One-Word Response

Another Facebook quiz. Can you summarize your answers in one word that delivers any meaning to the person reading them? It’s actually not just a time-waster—it can get you thinking about more specific, more vivid words to use instead of the string of qualifiers we’d fall back on when we don’t have to take theContinue reading “Writing Exercise: One-Word Response”