In Which Georgette Heyer and Remington Steele Are Juxtaposed

I stumbled across Remington Steele on Hulu and figured I’d take the opportunity to actually see the show. It’s a detective show that was on the air from 1982 to 1987. For a variety of reasons, my access to TV as a kid was spotty, and in spite of the crush-worthy Pierce Brosnan, I’d onlyContinue reading “In Which Georgette Heyer and Remington Steele Are Juxtaposed”

Last Week at the Movies

I do from time to time catch a current TV show* or a movie that’s in theaters now, and over winter break I gorged. There are plenty of full-on reviews and summaries around the Web; here I’d like to highlight some interesting moments in the banquet. Up in the Air. George Clooney plays a manContinue reading “Last Week at the Movies”